With the approaching commercialization of 5G communication networks, the operating frequency of communication equipment has reached the range of 6GHz-40GHz. Such high operating frequency brings new requirements to design engineers for shielding design and thermal management. Meanwhile, the basic hardware products in the communication equipment manufacturing industry present the development trends to high speed, compactness, lightweight and manufacturing automation. These changes and requirements make increasingly higher heat dissipation requirements and EMC requirements for telecommunication equipment. JONES has accumulated a great deal of successful experience in the telecom industry, so as to create a full range of products for the industrial customers in the field of thermal management materials and EMC. The use of shielding and filtering technology for RRU mobile communication base stations, RF filters, high-end routers, high-speed optical modules and other devices greatly solves EMC interference problem in equipment or system. The customized and developed wave filter parts, ultra-soft FIP ??points rubber, special conductive sealing materials, wave absorbing materials, waterproof breathable valves and other products provide excellent solutions for equipment that to adapt various complex electromagnetic environments. The thermal gel developed by application of high-end thermal management materials can meet the needs of production automation. In addition, the thermal pad, thermal grease, synthetic graphite sheet and PCM with high thermal conductivity can meet the requirements for high heat dissipation.