New Energy Automobile

Automobile will no longer be a simple travel tool, but will become an integral part of the smart city In the foreseeable future. Moreover, new energy vehicles will also become the mainstream in the future. Intelligent automotive electronic system will also be an important guarantee for improving the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of cars. At the same time, as the automotive electronic system will carry more data communications and intelligent control terminals, higher requirements are placed on safety and reliability. JONES has mature thermal management material solutions and optimized EMC electromagnetic rectification programs in power battery pack, motor controlling unit (MCU), onboard power supplies, onboard displays and other entertainment systems as well as vehicle controllers of pure electric vehicles. JONES will provide solutions involving thermal conduction, heat sharing, thermal storage, wave filter, shielding, earthing, sealing, shock absorption and other series of products to help customers solve the problems related to safety and reliability of automotive electronic products.