Medical equipment

With the development trend of digitization, intelligence and miniaturization, some wearable medical monitoring products have come out. Such wearable products can monitor different physiological indicators of human body in real time and provide good data reference for preventing sudden illness or body health. However, these wearable products often have special requirements for heat conduction, shielding and packaging. Meanwhile, the requirement for image definition of diagnostic equipment such as MR, CT and X-ray machines is increasingly higher, which prompts medical equipment manufacturers to choose high-speed chips and high-power devices. In this case, it further leads to EMC and thermal design of these diagnostic devices requiring continuous improvement in performance to meet the increasing interference and excess heat energy. JONES has completed a large number of EMC rectification experiences and thermal design projects in cooperation with internationally renowned medical equipment companies. This has enabled our company to accumulate rich experience in thermal management, shielding, earthing and wave filter of medical equipment, so that our company can systematically solve customer's problems related to EMC and heat dissipation.