NYE in Macau

Partying on 2018 NYE

If you want to celebrate the new year in style, then Macau is the place to be for the occasion. Thousands of people from across the world come to this place to enjoy the new year. The whole atmosphere is vibrant with party mood during this period in Macau. If you want to have a wild party or enjoy the cool fireworks in the evening or checkout the gambling scene, you should be in Macau during the new year season. But make sure to book your accommodation in advance or else you will have lot of trouble finding good hotels in the last minute. The new years eve in Macau has the highest booking for hotels in this region and it is very difficult to find the accommodation at this time.

Fireworks at Nam Van Lake

New years eve in Macau is not complete without visiting the fantastic fireworks show at the famous Nam Van Lake. It is one event which attracts not just the kids and parents but also youngsters and the elderly alike. The special effects that it offers is of the highest standard and not the one to be missed out for. Thousands of people from across the city gather at the Nam Van Lake on new years eve and the celebrations begin in the evening and go on till midnight. The fireworks show which starts late in the evening is the main attraction at this event.

Macau’s famous casino

Apart from the traditional celebrations of new year by enjoying the fireworks, you can also visit the famous casinos of Macau to enjoy the evening. There are many hotels which have casinos and it attracts thousands of people every evening. Especially the tourists who visit Macau make it a point to visit the Casinos of Macau. When you want to party hard on the new years eve in Macau, there is no better place than the casinos of Macau. It can be great fun to gamble with friends in the casinos and enjoy the new year eve. The casinos of this region are of international standard and are counted among the best in the country.

Hotels on NYE holidays

If you are planning to spend New Years Eve, Christmas or Chinese New Year holidays in Macao, earlier hotel booking is extremely recommended. This is the best resource for your reservation: